All Grown Up Inc., a 501(c) 3 more lovingly referred to as, AGU, is a youth organization dedicated to helping young girls and maturing teens develop into womanhood. Tangi Williams and Shari Ponder, two Georgia Public School Guidance Counselors founded AGU in 1999. All Grown Up was created as a pathway to lower the amount of discipline referrals, dress code violations, teen pregnancy rates, substance abuse and drug usage, as well as enhance daily etiquette practices, self-esteem, money management skills and basic education among students in the school system.

AGU focuses on several interactive developmental workshops and learning programs that encourage constructive behavior and healthy living. AGU has reached over 4500 students and has been adopted into several middle schools, high schools, churches, and teen community centers. AGU is continuously growing and expanding in efforts to reach women worldwide.

AGU strives to:

  • Provide a realistic, factual, confidential and loving support system where participants can freely discuss their common issues without being judged.
  • Change the perspective of the participants from harboring negative self-focused issues to affecting positive change in their communities through service.
  • Offers a constructive outlet that takes the place of “hanging out” in the streets, engaging in sexual activity or experimenting with drugs.
  • Teaches participants how to discern the positive from the negative options/outlets.
  • Increase participants’ abilities to make good choices by providing fun and interactive workshops that develop skills such as money management, self-esteem, diversity, conflict resolution, technology, etiquette, health, college preparation and career awareness.

We have several programs that run during the school year. Our school programs service nearly 150 girls with in the Clayton and Henry County School Systems. These programs instruct the young ladies on social media responsibility, financial literacy, health and fitness, nutrition, etiquette, and several other topics that relate to young ladies. Please contact us at for more information regarding these programs.
All Grown Up, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 Non-profit organization


AGU Mission

The mission of the All Grown Up program is to positively impact the community by breaking the cycles of poverty and increasing self-esteem through health, social, educational, vocational, and financial literacy workshops that empower the development of teen and pre-teen females